Concussion Rehabilitation Services

All concussion rehabilitation experts are in agreement that the ideal approach to concussion rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary, multi-modal approach just like you use different types of teachers and different subjects when educating your children.  We are continually upgrading our services as more research comes to light on improved methods of managing persistent concussion symptoms.  If there are services you are looking for that are not available below, please ask one of our concussion health care providers when you consult them and they may be able to make recommendations of other providers in your area that offer that specific service.


Some of the services are very specialized, well-structured services like Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-i).  Other services are quite broad and can use vastly different methods depending on the patient and the clinical context (e.g., Psychotherapy, Occupational therapy).


Some of the services are done by multiple disciplines (e.g., Relaxation training is done by occupational therapy and psychotherapy) while other services are done by only one discipline (e.g., Goal Management Training is done by occupational therapy).


To know whether Concussion Rehabilitation Services are covered by OHIP or not, please see our uninsured services policy.  Often there are aspects of services that are covered by OHIP (e.g., MD evaluations and treatment advice for Headache Management) and there are parts that are not covered by OHIP (e.g., occupational therapy, relaxation training, psychotherapy, biofeedback, etc.).


Please review the services listed below.  Click on the corresponding link to learn more about that service.  For more information about our rehabilitation services, you are welcome to attend our OHIP-Funded Virtual Orientation Groups Sessions.

Learn Together

Effective evidence-based behavioural & lifestyle approaches

Optimize Your Autonomic Nervous System

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia

Investing your energy to give you more of it

Re-integrating into one's work, life, and community

Leveraging attentional networks to help you on your way

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Meditation, Mindfulness, Body awareness

Retraining Executive functioning

Rehabilitating your cognitive skills

Develop a system that leverages your mind's potential

Grit & Perseverence applied to your recovery

Including exertional testing protocols

A functional rehabilitation approach

Customized approach

Exploring attentional networks

Consultation/Clinical questions for our team through your GP

To help support your care in the face of self-isolation vs. CoVID-19

Services you will need to facilitate health care and accommodations