Group Counselling

OHIP-funded online group counselling

Concussion Patients Only

The road to recovery

(1 session)

The culture of neurological rehabilitation

(1 session)

Understanding dizziness & its retraining

(1 session)

The link between neurophysiology, symptoms & treatment

(2 sessions)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia

(8 sessions)

Exercise as medicine for Post-Concussion Syndrome

(2 sessions)

A Functional Model to Chronic headache Management

(12 Sessions, Coming soon)

Developing an ``External Mind``

(9 Sessions)

Getting things done again

(Coming soon)

Getting to point B, 1 step at a time

(coming soon)

Concussion & Non-concussion Patients

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

(12 sessions)

Getting from Point A to B

(6 sessions)

Cognitive Processing Therapy

(16 Sessions)

Theory & Practice

(8 sessions)


(1 session)


(1 session)

Grit & perseverance applied to your recovery

(12 Sessions)

Skills in modulating your nervous system

(12 sessions, coming soon)

Using writing as a health tool

(4 sessions, coming soon)

Understanding the condition

(1 session, coming soon)


(12 sessions, coming soon)

Telemedicine from the Comfort of Home