Frequently Asked Questions

Please review answers to FAQ we often receive regarding our concussion clinic.  If there are questions you have that are not listed here, please feel free to send us an email with the question to team@torontoconcussion.ca.  Also, you are welcome to attend our OHIP-Funded Virtual Orientation Groups Sessions where you’ll be able to ask any question you may have about the Toronto Concussion Clinic or concussion treatment in general!

If you go to our booking page, these details are listed in the booking buttons.

Patients with post-concussion syndrome that have other medical conditions stabilized. Sometimes the trauma that results in post-concussion syndrome also leads to other disruptive and serious health issues that either have not yet been diagnosed, or have not yet been adequately stabilized. These patients should work with their family doctor and other health care practitioners to stabilize these medical issues before applying for rehabilitation with our program.

No, you can apply directly from our website.

No, currently our program is designed for patients from 18-years-old and up.

You can see how long it takes to be seen by our team (after your intake forms are received by us) for intake appointments by selecting this link:  https://patient.medeohealth.com/booking/toronto-concussion-clinic/any/35505.

We have had patients recover in as little 3 weeks and we have had others who have taken as long as 2 years. However, when a patient first reaches out to our program, assessments can generally occur over 2 months. In that time, many patients are taking advantage of many of the services we have available to them to help them for their recovery. However, care is quarterbacked by your primary health care provider.  So in that sense, there is no “program enrollment”. However, our assistance is available for as long as it is indicated. Also, we are always available to your primary health care provider over OTN’s eConsult.

To request an initial consultation with our service, you can apply by completing the online form found here: https://torontoconcussion.ca/contact/request-consultation/

To book a follow-up appointment as recommended by one of our health care practitioners, you can do so online by visiting this page: https://torontoconcussion.ca/book-an-appointment/

Our program currently provides administrative support most efficiently by email. We do not have administrative staff that mind the phones regularly like we do for emails. If you do phone us, you will be asked to leave a voice message. Messages are checked once a day. Staff endeavour to respond to calls usually within 2 business days.

Many appointments are virtual. You will be notified at the time of booking your appointment online whether the appointment is virtual or in-person.

This varies and this information is available on our online booking system, access to which can be found here: https://torontoconcussion.ca/book-an-appointment/

We recognize that often things pop up that will take priority over attending your appointment, or will prevent you form attending your appointment all together. However, there is a significant cost in providing our service. This cost is accrued even in the event that a patient is not present for an appointment reserved for them. In the event you do not attend your appointment or cancel an appointment (including telephone and video appointments) with less than 24 hours notice, we will require that you pay a missed appointment fee ($50 for appointments 20 minutes or less; $100 for appointments greater than 20 minutes) before rescheduling any follow-up appointment. All cancellations of appointments must be made by email or directly through our online booking platform.

If you find you need help before your next appointment, you can email in to request an earlier appointment. Alternatively, you can follow-up with your family doctor for assistance. Your doctor may also reach out to our MD via OTN’s eConsult. Our MD generally responds to your primary health care provider in writing within 48 hours. Because of the nature of our program and privacy policies, we are unable to discuss any clinical matters by email. Communication by email is only for administrative purposes like scheduling appointments.

All cancellations or requests to reschedule appointments (phone, video or in-person) must be made by email or through our online booking system. Please be sure to give at least 24 hours notice to avoid incurring the missed/late cancellation appointment fee ($100 for the internal medicine specialist, Dr. Vasilevskaya; Otherwise it’s $50 for an appointment 20 minutes or less and $100 for an appointment greater than 20 minutes).

We are always adding services to improve concussion care. As such, the type and breadth of services we offer is continually being updated. Costs of any services that are not covered by OHIP will be shared with you at the time those services are recommended. Generally, services not rendered by the physicians, and services that require specialized equipment/testing batteries (e.g., use of biofeedback equipment, cognitive tests, etc.) are not covered by OHIP, and are funded privately.

No. Occupational Therapy visits may be covered by private insurance / extended health care benefits.

Our therapy is given by licensed physicians, psychotherapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Physician’s services (and their nurses/assistants) are covered by OHIP. For other services, invoices will be given which you can in turn submit to your insurance. You will have to check with your insurance to see the details of your plan.

To schedule appointments with our program & receive secure communication, you will need to have a MedeoHealth (a free online app) account.

Please sign up using this link if you haven’t done so already: patient.medeohealth.com

When booking appointments, do so through this “book an appointment page“. But, when you select on your desired appointment, your browser will take you to the medeo website to complete the booking. This is when you’ll need to log in to complete the request.

We have guides available at the bottom of our “book an appointment page” on how to navigate MedeoHealth.