Office Policies

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our office policies.  Our office policies are meant to reinforce sustainable concussion care at the Toronto Concussion Clinic.  These policies abide by regulatory body standards and industry standards while protecting equitable medical care to our patients.

The Toronto Concussion Clinic believes in the uniqueness and potential of every individual, and values diversity as an asset to the organization, to our society and to community life. We strive to ensure that every staff person, student, patient, caregiver and volunteer feels welcome and respected at our Clinic.

The Clinic is non-discriminatory in its practices and policies, and takes an active role to eliminate discrimination on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, skin colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, health status, job position, economic status, disability, or physical attributes and appearance.

The Clinic will not tolerate discrimination of any kind, whether engaged in by employees, patients, students and volunteers. Clinic activities are conducted in a manner that is sensitive to diversity and an individual’s right to appropriate services.

Our missed appointments/late cancellation appointments policy applies to all appointments that have been scheduled for you (e.g. failure to attend the appointment, showing up for your scheduled appointment late, failure to provide 24 hours notice of cancellation).  There is a missed appointment fee of $100 per appointment scheduled to last longer than 20 minutes; and $50 per appointment that is 20-minutes or less.

For now, there is no missed appointment fee for Group Counseling sessions.

If you would like to reschedule an appointment offered to you, this can be done via the online booking system.

If you would like to have a consultation, please apply for one by completing our Request a Consultation Form.  Upon receipt of your request, we will send you an online questionnaire regarding your injury.  This information is important to assess your suitability for the program as well as to appropriately triage your appointment.  This information remains strictly confidential.  We use a secure and PHIPA-compliant forum to gather your information and upload it directly into our electronic medical records (EMR).  After reviewing this intake form, historically, about 5% of applicants, because of the nature of their cases, will be redirected to get a referral from their GPs to another program that is based in a hospital’s outpatient department.  If this is the case, we will advise you of the same with specific recommendations.  This is the same modus operandi used by all consultants and their referring doctors.  We advise you to save or print a copy of your completed intake form so that in the unlikely event you have been redirected to another service, the information therein will help your GP arrange the appropriate referral.


It is important for you to fill in the intake questionnaire completely and accurately to avoid delays.  Be sure to complete all requested fields to the best of your ability.  Once its been reviewed by our team, we will contact you with next steps.

Due to the ambitious nature of this program, it is important that you are present for your scheduled registration time so that you don’t miss your appointment or part of it.  In the event you show up late, your appointment will be delayed or cancelled and it is unlikely we will be able to afford you all of the time we had allotted for you.  We will try our best to accommodate you but please be prepared to wait for an opening to hopefully become available.

Often, one of our team members will ask you to complete an online questionnaire before scheduling a follow-up appointment.  Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we will offer you an appointment by email. We use a secure and PHIPA-compliant forum to gather your information and upload it directly into our electronic medical records (EMR) so there is no chance of missing it once you submit it.

Because of the nature of concussion and its pervasive effect on your health, your family doctor and specialists (i.e., psychiatrist, neurologist, etc.) will still be involved and will play an important role in your recovery.  We are a rehabilitation program.   We are not an general internal medicine or family medicine clinic.  We do not investigate and treat other conditions.  Our clinic provides a very specialized service that is not easily accessible elsewhere.  Our mission is to support patients by offering them specifically these specialized services, to which they otherwise would have no access.

We see patients 18-years-old and up.

Although we require you to apply for the program by the online form found on this website, sometimes your family doctor may also reach out regarding your care in the form of a referral note.  If you were not referred by your doctor, we require you to complete a consent form authorizing us to release medical information to your family doctor before your are seen.  Similarly, if you request that we release information to a third party, we need written authorization from you for the same.  These authorization forms can also be used if you wish for a third party to release records to us.

All appointment offers are made via our online booking system.

First-time patients will receive a message asking them to book an “Intake appointment” from this booking page.

Follow-up patients will be provided with a behavioural prescription outlining follow-up appointments that should be booked with our team.  These appointments will be booked using our online booking system.

If you run into any technical difficulties, please email our team at, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Uninsured services must be paid for immediately after they are rendered. You will be given an invoice for the same.  For more information on uninsured services, please click on the link here.

Bridgepoint Health
Mailing Address:
14 St. Matthews Road
Toronto, ON, M4M 2B5
Phone: 416-461-8252
Fax: 416-461-5696
Information Contact: Utilization Specialist, Neuro Rehab and
Activation – 416-461-8252 ext. 2305; Case Manager, Day
Treatment Extension: ext. 2371

St. Michael’s Hospital – Follow-up Head Injury Clinic
Mailing Address:
30 Bond Street
Toronto, ON, M5B 1W8
Phone: 416-864-5520
Information Contact: Alicja Michalak – Case Manager: 416-864-5520; Kristina Kennedy – Admin/Research: 416-864-6060 ext. 6359

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre: Mild to Moderate TBI Clinic
Mailing Address:
2075 Bayview Avenue
North York, ON, M4N 3M5
Information Contact: Alison Jardine, TBI Clinic Coordinator.
Phone: 416-480-4095, Fax: 416-480-4613, E-mail:

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Mailing Address:
550 University Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5G 2A2
Information Contact: Richard Khoo, Program Services
Manager, Neuro Cognitive Stream: 416-597-3422 ext. 3950;
Elaine Widgett, Program Service Manager, Neuro Physical
Stream: 416-597-3422 ext. 3804; Carmen Volpe, Service
Coordinator: 416-597-3422 ext. 3493

Trillium Health Centre: Outpatient Neurorehab Services
Mailing Address:
100 Queensway West
Mississauga, ON, L5B 1B8
Phone: 905-848-7100
Information Contact: 905-848-7580 ext. 2474

York-Simcoe Brain Injury Services (associated with Mackenzie Health Hospital)
13311 Yonge Street, Suite 202
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 3L6
Phone: 905-773-3038, Toll free: 1-800-362-7793
Fax: 905-773-5176
570 Bryne Drive, Unit H
Barrie, ON, L4N 9P6
Phone: 705-721-7793
Fax: 705-728-7456
Information Contact: Client Services Associate, 905-773-3038 ext 6193

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Mailing Address:
150 Kilgour Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4G 1R8
Phone: 416-425-6220
Toll Free: 1-800-363-2440

Please follow up with your family doctor to arrange for the appropriate referral.