Concussion Medical Care in Toronto

Toronto Concussion Clinic

OHIP-Funded Care

For all patients with OHIP, we offer an intake appointment in our Scarborough office to better understand your situation. The in-person appointment is mandatory in order to continue with OHIP-Funded virtual assessments and follow-up.


We also offer in-person Neurological exams. For those that prefer to do these exams with their primary health care provider, you can review the components of the neurological exam here.

Car Accident Insurance-Funded Care

For our MVA patients requiring an intake appointment in the Toronto area, we offer an in-person intake concussion appointment in our Scarborough main office with one of our MDs.


To take advantage of the OHIP-Funded program, you will still need to come and do your in-person neurological exam at our Scarborough location. This is required in order to continue with virtual care with our OHIP-Funded MD.


There are many other in-person assessments and treatments available to patients at our Scarborough location with car-insurance funding that is not covered by OHIP. Our Scarborough concussion office has a lot of equipment to help train many facets of your injury.

Care that may be covered under your extended health benefits

At our Toronto concussion location, patients who do not have MVA-insurance funding but do have the means to fund care not covered by OHIP (either personally or through extended health benefits) may take advantage of the following in-person services:


We also offer many privately-funded virtual concussion rehabilitation services available to you from wherever you are in Ontario:

Sheppard Court Medical-Professional Centre

Toronto Concussion Clinic

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