MVA Concussion Program

Working with your car insurance to get the care you need

Car Accident Patients

    • Our assessments and documentation help reflect the extent of your injury so that the consequences of your accident are not underestimated.
    • We will arrange for all paper work to help fund the care that is not covered by OHIP.
    • We work with several lawyers and insurance adjusters to advocate for your health and positive outcomes.
    • Our dedicated rehab coordinator will help you navigate the process.
    • You still have access to OHIP-Funded care too. 
    • MVA Insurance will be used only for uninsured services like cognitive assessments and occupational therapy, etc.

Common MVA-Insured Services

Our program consists of an interdisciplinary team to assist your primary health care provider and your rehab team with your recovery.

We are continually updating our network of expert concussion providers so that we can connect you with valuable providers in your area.

Common Services we offer that are funded by MVA Insurance include*:

    • Attendant Care Assessment
    • Cognitive Assessments
    • EMG Assessments
    • Occupational therapy
    • Psychotherapy
    • Chiropractic therapy
    • Progressive sub-symptom threshold exercise management
    • Specialized medical & functional assessments
    • Neuromuscular control training
    • Vestibular and Optokinetic stimulation training
    • MVA Major Injury Management and care coordination
    • Cognitive Training
    • Biofeedback
    • Specialized treatment protocols for Sleep Disturbances and Post-Traumatic Headache.
    • Connecting you with other providers in your area and facilitating their involvement in your care
    • Helping with securing funding for gym memberships and other services recommended by our team or other providers collaborating with our team


*Our patients are in the Major Injury Guidelines of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS)

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