Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a diverse healthcare profession, unified with the goal of enabling individuals to participate in occupation. Occupation is much broader than the colloquial definition of one’s profession, it includes any meaningful activity whether self-care, productivity, or leisure in purpose. Often after experiencing a concussion many individuals have difficulty engaging in the occupations that they value. An occupational therapist works with the rehabilitation team to enhance the patient’s functional ability.  An occupational therapists modifies activities and environments to facilitate the recovery process and well-being. For example, occupational therapists help patients return to work, school, and other activity. Typically after a concussion occupational therapists will also provide education and strategies to enable the patient to manage fatigue, improve sleep, address mood and stress, and/or target cognition through compensatory strategies or remediation.


Our Occupational Therapist sees patients virtually at this time.