Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation profession that assists in restoring functional limitations arising from injuries that affect the muscle, bone and nervous system.  Injuries can be traumatic, insidious in onset or from overuse.  A big part of physiotherapy is to identify movement dysfunctions that predispose individuals to these injuries – identifying the root of the problem.


Physiotherapists will discuss short-term and long-term goals with the patient.  Initial rehabilitation may include gentle exercises, manual therapy and modalities to alleviate symptoms (such as pain).  Progression will focus on individualized exercises to strengthen and correct muscle imbalances, aimed to restore functional independence and prevent future injuries.


Our physiotherapist works in a multidisciplinary fashion with the medical doctors, chiropractor and occupational therapists to provide integrative therapy. At the Toronto Concussion Clinic, our physiotherapist helps people with the following services:

Our occupational therapists works with our physiotherapist to create your home exercise plan to make it feasible and enjoyable. There are many tasks you do in a given day that can be done slightly differently to reinforce physiotherapy.