RETURN to work/school


After experiencing a concussion individuals typically have difficulty meeting academic or job demands. As a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, individuals can experience a variety of symptoms and impairments including physical, sensory, cognitive, and psychological symptoms, that will impact their ability to perform at school or work. In order to best promote recovery it is important to be cautious when returning to work or school. Symptoms may be exacerbated by the typical workplace or school environment, and in engaging too soon in demanding activities, which may ultimately prolong recovery. Often a gradual return to work or school is the best course of action, alongside temporary accommodations that target the individual’s unique profile of symptoms and job demands or school expectations. As the individual’s symptoms lessen and functioning returns to pre-concussion levels, the individual will be able to gradually reduce these accommodations and fully return to school and work.


Last update: March 2018