Chiropractic Therapy

We have redefined how chiropractors play a role in rehabilitation. It is rare to see our chiropractors use the “traditional” chiropractic methods of manipulations and adjustments to your spine as a treatment option.

The human body uses multiple systems to execute our day-to-day movements. Muscles, ligaments, bones and joints are the ‘hardware’ that is observed to carry out these movements; however, our visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems comprise the ‘software’ that plan, instigate, fine-tune these movements so that they are effective. Our neurological system processes sensory information and produces a timely motor pattern to allow us to move a certain way. All of these systems in the human body have a role in movement and any one of these systems can be the reason why an injury happened or why it continues to persist.

Our chiropractors are trained in functional assessments to identify maladaptive and/or dysfunctional mechanical and neurological performance habits that explain your current symptoms. Once causes are identified, our chiropractors integrate the use of soft tissue treatments, stability and mobility training, therapeutic modalities, vestibular and visual therapy to help the body create a favourable environment for healing.


Our chiropractic service is one of the few vestibular therapy services in Toronto that provides integrative care with other aspects of concussion care.