Optometry deals with the visual system. More than 50% of the brain is involved in vision. Therefore, neurological impacts to the brain, such as concussions, frequently result in visually-related symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, blurred or doubled vision, difficulty with reading or using computers, difficulty with balance, and/or light sensitivity. A binocular vision assessment tailored towards concussions helps identify dysfunctions in the visual system associated with these symptoms.


Our optometrists are trained in neuro-rehabilitation and have the unique ability to identify and treat visual difficulties following concussion; they integrate the temporary use of lenses, prisms, and/or tint to reduce symptoms, while they rehabilitate patients using individualized vision therapy programs tailored to each specific case.


Located right at the border of Markham and Vaughan, vision therapy is centrally located and easily accessible to all.