Neuromuscular Control Exercises Videos

Post-concussion neuromuscular control training for balance, visual perception and chronic msk pain

The following videos are good references to help post-concussion patients in performing neuromuscular control exercises.  Neuromuscular control exercises retrain patients how to fire the muscles correctly to move efficiently.  This is very important as it is a normal human developmental milestone for many balance and visual functions.  It also helps prevent injury and helps people take loads of injured muscles/ligaments/joints so that they can heal.  Some more information about rehabilitating persistent concussion symptoms with vestibular therapy can be found in our article “Neuromuscular control” in our concussion library.  Our podcast “Concussions 101” episodes 7 & 8 (about the neck) will give you insight into how neuromuscular control effects many different post-concussion issues.


Note that our content is for educational purposes only. Always seek medical help in a multidisciplinary clinic if you suspect you have a concussion. Specific recommendations may vary depending on the details of your injury. Contents are based on information from research and clinical experience.


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