Cardiovascular Exercise Videos

Post-concussion progressive sub-symptom threshold cardiovascular exercise program

The following videos are good references to help post-concussion patients in performing their progressive sub-symptom threshold cardiovascular exercise regimen.  Some more information about rehabilitating persistent concussion symptoms with cardiovascular exercise can be found in our article “Return-to-Athletics Guidance” in our concussion library.  Even if someone doesn’t want to go back to athletic activities, cardiovascular exercise remains a great treatment for post-concussion syndrome for reasons outlined in that article.  Some more resources to help patients monitor and progress their exercise regimens can be found in the “Exercise” section of our Patient Rehab Resources.


Note that our content is for educational purposes only. Always seek medical help in a multidisciplinary clinic if you suspect you have a concussion. Specific recommendations may vary depending on the details of your injury. Contents are based on information from research and clinical experience.

How to measure your heart rate

Rating Perceived Exertion for post-concussion cardiovascular exercise


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